Coming in December: Rival Magic

This solicitation just went out to our distributors:

Rival Magic
An Ars Magica 5th Edition Sourcebook

The Order of Hermes is supreme, unchallenged in its mastery of magic. All other magicians are hedge wizards ... maybe interesting to researchers, but certainly no threat. Or so magi of the Order tell each other. And most of them actually believe it.

The four traditions in this book prove the folly of that complacency:
  • The Amazons, female warrior wizards beyond the borders of Europe, harbor a deep hatred of the Order for reasons that no magus could ever guess.
  • The Augustan Brotherhood serves as court wizards, supporting its political ends with mundane force as much as with magic discovered in the tomb of Virgil.
  • In the icy north, the Muspelli plot to release their jotun masters and destroy the world in frost and fire.
  • And in the the distant east, the powerful Soqotran sorcerers dwell quietly on their island, staying out of politics and looking nervously at the expansionist Order.
How long can the Order of Hermes maintain its pleasant illusion of superiority?

Authors: Timothy Ferguson (Soqotrans), Chris Jensen Romer (Augustan Brotherhood), Matt Ryan (Amazons), Mark Shirley (Muspelli)
Cover Artist: Grey Thornberry
Stock Number: AG0294 | ISBN: 1-58978-115-5 | MSRP: $29.95 US
Format: 144 pages, hardcover

Shipping to Distributors in December 2010


  1. Oooh very christmassy!
    *likes the cover too*

  2. Muspelli would make great "Order of Odin". Pity that there is nothing that could be "Order of Suleiman". However, I'm not convinced by idea of Amazons.

  3. "Pity that there is nothing that could be "Order of Suleiman""

    In the forums David said that there was a reason that no order of Suleiman was included.

    I take this as a hopeful sign in regards to their eventual inclusion.

  4. this game looks really promising! I like the cover a lot, great work. Guess I will have to check it out in Dec' then. :)