Production Updates

Softcover Reprints: A proof problem led to a minor delay in the three softcover reprints (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, City & Guild, and Houses of Hermes: Societates). The revised ETA is for the three books to be delivered to our warehouse next Wednesday, September 8th.

Let's Kill and Crime Scene Instigation: The long-awaited Let's Kill reprint and the new expansion deck are, according to the online tracking information, in the Twin Cities as I type this, despite the delay of being in a shipping container held for VACIS screening. We should receive them in our warehouse early next week, if not today. We'll ship these titles and those Ars reprints all together.

The Sundered Eagle: Proofs from the printer arrived today, and are awaiting Michelle's review when it's her shift in the office.


  1. Is there any more word on when the reprints are likely to be available?

  2. All our US distributors should have received the reprints by now (if they ordered them), as well as Warehouse 23. So your local store should be able to get 'em, and can bug their distributor to place an order immediately if they don't have copies on hand.