Cthulhu On The Brain?

So while we're working away on our fabulous new Cthulhu releases, a commercial pops up on TV for Lexus' new offering. What we want to know is: are we the only ones who look at that and see "CTHYBRID"? It certainly doesn't help that the voiceover for this image intones the car's tagline: "A Darker Shade of Green."

Apparently the Elder Gods have a sweet new ride. We're guessing that this thing runs on a fuel-efficient combo of fossil fuels and the souls of the damned. Do you think we've got Cthulhu on the brain, or could there be a Lovecraft fan in the Lexus marketing department?

Side note: we also don't know why ad folks would use a red car in an ad about its purported "greenness". But there it is.


  1. Eeeek the Elder Gods' retirement funds must have run out! Quick everyone buy lots of Chthulu-themed books and toys so they won't have to go back to work!

  2. Andrew Gronosky3/16/2011 7:21 AM

    The Elder Gods have discovered the power of merchandizing!