Michelle Nephew GOH at Ropecon

Atlas Games' own Michelle Nephew will be attending Ropecon in Finland as a Guest of Honor this July. From the Ropecon website:


Ropecon XIX: from 27th to 29th of July 2012.

Ropecon, the largest annual non-commercial roleplaying convention in Europe, will be organised for the 19th time next summer. The convention will gather over 3500 visitors to conference center Dipoli in Espoo to play tabletop roleplaying games, larps, board games, collectible card games and miniature games for one summer weekend.

In addition to gaming, the convention includes lectures about games, workshops, medieval dance ball, boffer fighting championships and other activities among a myriad of choices, being the place to meet new people, share new ideas and get in touch with other gamers in Finland.

In 2012, Ropecon’s Guests of Honour will be Peter Adkison, Larson Kasper and Michelle Nephew.


Michelle Nephew is one of the high profile female roleplaying/board/card game designers, editors and publishers. She is one of the big names behind Atlas Games.

Michelle Nephew’s career started in Atlas Games in 2000 via the "Three Days to Kill" game. This game was also the first game in the world to be published under the Open Game License. During her career Michelle Nephew has written and designed many games (most notably: The Tide of Years), but now she works under the title ”Tenured Editor” and manages the design part of Atlas Games, takes care of public relations and marketing, and develops board and card games. She also works as the Special Ops demo team coordinator Nephew has been part of designing the card game Ren Faire, which was published in 2009. Also her in thesis she wrote about roleplaying games.

Atlas Games has published games such as Ars Magica, Unknown Armies, Gloom, Ren Faire and Lunch Money, and other publications like the GenCon 40-years anniversary publication. Many Guests of honour of previous Ropecons have written and designed games for Atlas Games. Nephew’s husband is also a familiar name to roleplayers. He is John Nephew, president of Atlas Games.

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  1. OK, so I confess: when I read that Ms. Nephew would be at "Ropecon," my first impression was, "Wow... maybe TMI? I wouldn't have thought the Nephew's would want Atlas to advertise personal hobbies of such a VERY personal nature! Maybe they've decided on a brave new "out of the closet" PR-stance?"

    Now I don't know whether to be relieved, or disappointed... ;-)

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