Robert Scott Kickstarters

I recently got a "Things I'm Working On" update from artist Robert Scott, who does such excellent work for our Ars Magica sourcebooks. I'd thought I'd pass it on, since it involves two Kickstarter projects. Robert says:

"Most importantly for me, I'm currently in the middle of trying to fund a Kickstarter project to complete a tarot deck I've been doing on and off for about ten years now: 

"Secondly, I thought you'd definitely want to be aware of the Prismatic Art project, if you're not already:

"I'm going to be one of about 12 illustrators (and one of only 2 men) contributing work with the specific goal of making more fantasy images of women and people of color available for game publishers to make use of. The Kickstarter page for this project will be launching very soon, and they've asked my permission to use the image of the moorish wizard I sent you for ROP: Magic as part of their fundraising efforts."

I hear Daniel Solis of "Happy Birthday, Robot!" fame is also working on the Prismatic Art project, along with respected gamer-blogger Sarah Darkmagic/Tracy Hurley, so it's something to keep an eye on. The twitter feed for it is @PrismaticArt

Good luck, Robert!

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