Gloom Status

It's been a very busy couple of weeks in the Atlas warehouse, and the work's not done yet, but I thought I should take a moment for some status updates.

We sold out of the Gloom original game last month, and the reprint arrived this week.  Many outlets had stocked up on the game when we were running low, so you may have been able to find it without too much trouble, but if that's not the case you should know that it will be arriving back in stores next week.  Specifically, our US distributors should be getting restocked with the game on Monday, and from there it's just a question of how long it takes to get product to your friendly local game store from their preferred distributor.  (If you're overseas there's even more unpredictability with freight forwarders, customs, etc.)

Sales of the rest of the Gloom line have been brisk as well.  Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests are both out of stock in our warehouse (though some copies may be left at Warehouse 23 and other retailers), and Unfortunate Expeditions has been going fast.  We intend to reprint all three expansions in November, along with the brand new Unpleasant Dreams expansion deck for Cthulhu GloomCthulhu Gloom sales have also been strong, by the way, and we are well stocked on the game.

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