Cam Banks to Join Atlas Games

It's my pleasure to announce that Cam Banks will join the staff of Atlas Games, starting in February, with the title of Brand Manager.

Atlas Games experienced tremendous growth in 2012, and it looks like things won't slow down this year. It's been a challenge for us to keep up, let alone take advantage of new opportunities that come our way. Cam's diverse talents and experience as a creator and manager will be a tremendous asset.

For the past five years, Cam has worked as Managing Editor, Lead Developer, and Creative Director for Margaret Weis Productions. At MWP, he oversaw the creation and management of roleplaying games based on licensed properties such as the TV shows Leverage and Smallville, and Marvel comics. Cam will continue to work with MWP on select projects (speaking of which, be sure to check out the Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide Kickstarter!). Besides his game credits, Cam has also authored a novel, The Sellsword, which was published by Wizards of the Coast.

We look forward to Cam joining our team!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Atlas Games is doing well enough to require hiring additional staff, but if no one minds me asking, what exactly will he be doing?

    I consulted online, but most of the information on Brand Management seemed to focus on service industries and consumables...

  2. With a company our size, we don't usually need to hire people with a narrowly defined focus or job description. We need someone with a good set of skills and talents and the ability to adapt and do whatever needs to be done across a wide spectrum of tasks. Cam is such a person. I think he suggested "Brand Manager" as a title, with the idea that he's going to be involved in managing and growing the Atlas brand.

    Broadly, we expect Cam to focus on helping most with the creative/editorial/production side of things (for example, being the in-house person working with David Chart on turning edited/developed Ars Magica manuscripts into finished books), but his job won't be limited to that sphere.

  3. I like what Cam did with Leverage RPG so I am keen to see what he can do with Ars Magica.

  4. Leverage really is excellent: I ran it at Auscon (I offered it, Ars and Amber as a menu for drop in play.) I'm really interested to see what Cam does with Atlas.

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