Atlas Alumni: Steven Sanders & Symbiosis

Atlas Games has been around since 1990, so we've worked with an awful lot of talented folks over the years.  But for some reason (maybe because I got a Twitter account), this is the year that I am noticing how many of the bazillions of freelance and staff alumni of Atlas years past are busy doing other amazingly cool and creative things in a variety of fields.  Heck, I could do a regular blog feature just calling attention to what's new in the creative lives of folks who wrote/designed/illustrated for us in years past!

Today, for example, a tweet from Will Hindmarch (@wordwill) alerted me to a brand new kickstarter for a project called Symbiosis from Steven Sanders.  Steven did a lot of great cover and interior artwork for Atlas about a decade ago, for numerous Penumbra sourcebooks (including Will's Backdrops), the Nyambe: African Adventures line (including the cover of Ancestral Vault), and the board game Seismic, for example.

Symbiosis looks really cool.  I'm planning to sign up for a hardcover, just as soon as Amazon payments stops whatever glitch is keeping me from making my pledge the last two times I tried.

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