Now in PDF: Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams, now available in PDF from e23, brought together three notable game design talents early in their careers: Robin D. Laws, Greg Stolze, and John Tynes.  This "Sourcebook of Nightmare" explores the Al Amarjan underworld around the fictitious drug nightmare, and the characters and groups around it -- not all of them exactly human.  Working on this book was a memorable experience, as we figured out how to blend Greg's secret society-like Exalted Order of Dream Kings with Robin's vision of the Sandman as inhuman sociopaths -- and topped it off with the visceral horror of John's' scenario, "Kill John Doe."

This was one of the first Atlas books where we had the cover files output directly to film, rather than having the printer assemble it out of laser-printed copy and art color separations.  Eric Heisserer helped with this, and is credited with "Invaluable Cover Production Assistance."  He's better known these days not for wrangling CMYK output, but writing scripts in Hollywood.

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