TableTop Gloom for #TableTopDay

I've been just dying to tell people about International TableTop Day -- not just because it's going to be a worldwide day of fun, but because we did something very special with the folks at Geek & Sundry to celebrate the event: TableTop Gloom!

This is a special mini-expansion of nine new cards for Gloom, with a TableTop theme. Copies will be included among the goodies provided to stores that participate in International TableTop Day. Now Wil and Felicia will be able to join your Gloom family as Unwelcome Guests, your characters can Triumph on TableTop or Distract Dr. Hannah. You could even win the TableTop Trophy of Awesome!

(Folks wondering why our Gloom reprint is about a month later than we'd expected can now know why...we were able to halt production in order to run TableTop Gloom on the plastic that was already purchased for the reprint, and then get the Gloom press run back on track after the promo packs were done.)

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  1. If you read carefully his works satirize many evil things in a subtle way.