A #TableTopDay Present for UA Fans

If you were thinking of running an Unknown Armies RPG session for International TableTop Day on Saturday, here's something to help put you in the mood: Thin Black Line, a free downloadable mini-supplement for the game, written by Chad Underkoffler and available exclusively through e23.

Thin Black Line is "non-canonical" -- which is to say, its description of the Order of St. Cecil may be leavened with misinformation or key omissions, no doubt thanks to cliomancers or assorted rival cabals -- but we're sure that Unknown Armies fans, who have long awaited new material for this classic game of postmodern occultism, will enjoy it no less for all that.

Visit e23 to download your copy today -- and while you're there, why not complete your UA collection?  The whole line of books is available now in PDF from e23.


  1. What a nice surprise! Now we need new stuff to buy!

  2. Thanks for releasing this material! I can't wait to check it out!