Ars Magica 5th Ed. in the new Bundle of Holding

There's never been a better opportunity to pick up a copy of the Ars Magica 5th Edition core rulebook in PDF.  Right now, it's one of three bonus games in the current Bundle of Holding.

The Bundle of Holding is a "set your own price" collection of PDFs.  You pick how much you want to pay (minimum $5); in exchange, you receive two roleplaying games in PDF.  If you choose to pay more than the current average, then you get three bonus games — including the complete 5th Edition rulebook of Ars Magica!

Besides choosing how much you pay, you can give some or all of your payment to charity. The Bundle of the Ages benefits two fine causes: the World Literacy Foundation and Child's Play.

Don't delay -- this promotion has less than six days left to run.  What's more, as I've been typing this blog entry, the average amount paid has risen from $15.07 to $16.67, and it's likely to keep rising as people keep paying more than the current average in order to get the bonus games.  After you get your Bundle, spread the word -- now's the time for everyone in your troupe to get their own digital copy!  And if you're looking to follow up your purchase with some more digital ArM supplements, be sure to check out the dozens of books available now through e23.

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