From the Ancient Past...Saga Pack!

For very-long-time Ars Magica fans, this one may bring back memories: Saga Pack!  This GM screen and loose-leaf pages was a supplement published way back in the Lion Rampant days, not long after Ars Magica 2nd Edition was released in 1989.  The product includes:
  • A three-panel Storyguide's screen, with all the charts you will need to play Ars Magica (in the Digital Edition, this is reproduced as two pages of artwork and three pages of charts)
  • 16 complete grogs, with fully detailed personalities (so you don't have to roll them up yourself!), vivid examples of what grogs can be
  • Numerous briefing sheets on the Art of Story Design, Life of the Grog, Creating Companions, Limits of Magic, Mythic Europe, the Code of Hermes, as well as many excerpts from the various Tomes of the Order of Hermes.
A digital copy of Saga Pack is available now through e23 for just $5.

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