Save the World Again ... or Die Trying

Bust out your AMT Automag and brush up on your Path of the Leaping Storm, Secret Warriors, because everyone's favorite action movie roleplaying game is coming back… with a vengeance! Exploding out of the '90s and into your gaming group like an Arcanowave-powered hell-turbine of awesome, FENG SHUI is on target for a reboot. And not just any reboot, brothers and sisters. This time Robin D. Laws and the Atlas Crew have brought on an Atomic Overmind to dial it up to eleven!

That's right, we're not content with just hitting the reprint button. In the very near future, we're going to open up the feedback channels and ask YOU what you want to see. More rules? More locations? More explosions? More rules about explosions on location? We don't see a limit and neither should you. What do you love? What needs to get kicked into the Netherworld? Your voices shall be heard, sons and daughters of the Dragon! Watch this space for more news!


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to learn more. Any chance the base system could get open sourced as a light rule set?

  2. More shticks! I'm personally very partial to Fu paths. I think it'd be handy if y'all used a "standardized" language describing your shticks to help clear up rules questions. Flavor is awesome, but confusion isn't so much.

  3. I have used the Feng Shui game mechanics to play everything from superheroes to space opera. I never understood why the creators haven't seen the potential for expanding to different genres. Always loved the rules, but felt they were too tied to the setting.

  4. In response to two comments related to mechanics... The mechanics of Feng Shui are tied to those of Nexus: The Infinite City, a game that was previously published by Daedalus Entertainment. As part of the arrangement when Robin Laws and the Feng Shui property parted ways with Daedalus, he was given the continuing right to use the rules with the game. But I don't believe that arrangement would give him (or Atlas) the ability to release the rules under an open license or make other games with the same rules in different genres.

  5. More shticks. More Fu. Diversity in non-Fu shticks to rive Fu shticks. More Netherworld weirdness (The Bortherhood of Hebrew Champions is awesome). Compatibility with games like FateCore and Cortex+. Sorcerous martial arts from the Four Monarchs.

  6. I've always thought the mechanics were a bit weak compared to how strong the setting is, but it uses practically the same dice resolution method as ICONS and Fate Core.

    If the mechanics system has a lot of restrictions on it, maybe its time for a new system?

  7. Also, is there any way to get the "Shadowfist" name from Inner Kingdom Games (do they own the name)? "Feng Shui" is permanently associated with interior decorating in the minds of many Americans.

  8. John, that's a shame. Always preferred to make my own worlds and scenarios. The world Feng Shui created- fighting over Feng shui sites, traveling to the past/future was fun for a couple years, but I'm not interested in more endless supplements of the same. Oh, we'll.

  9. Whilst I have a healthy respect for games such as Cortex+ and FATE, which are very popular now, I hope it stays true to the older edition but clears up some of the rules and balance.

    That's about it. It's an awesome awesome game.

  10. Yeah, as to the old rules and balance: after rolling a
    -56 when I was trying to kick two mooks in an elevator and the GM doing something silly to my character I don't really remember, I remember saying to myself "Y'know, this exploding dice thing isn't as 'exciting' as everyone cracks it out to be."

    Feng Shui is all about style and color, and the system should be right there helping you produce that, rather than arbitrating "success" and "failure."

  11. Great News

    The three killer things you could do
    1) Make cool action stunts a Plus not a Minus
    (It was the house rule we all made may as well make it fixed)
    Not thing like hit two bad guys type stunt but just being flashy sliding down stuff

    2) move the time line on that open's up a 1920-1930 pulp juncture and give new settings to work with is 2073 still under the buro.

    3)Martial Arts available for everybody at the start or more balance between guns and fu one should not feel 2nd class for liking john woo over tsui hark !

    Feng shui was one of my most loved game and I think you guys have it in hand and I be happy for just a reprint But an upgraded 2nd ed Is sweet.


  12. Fast flowing rules that support the action and fun of the setting with an escalation mechanic to emulate the ramping up of excitement and drama!

    Just not another flat stat/skill mod system you have to look up whether cover is a +1 modifier or a +2 modifier.

    Take it to 11!

  13. Michael Cule9/06/2013 2:25 PM

    A mild rewrite on the system please and a few additional bits. Specifically the rules about campaign building from FRIENDS OF THE DRAGON would be useful in the core rules and a set of campaign books rather than just setting books for the junctures would be nice.

    If Robin has an inspiration and figures out how to write a consistent set of guidelines for creating templates, it would be wonderful but I'm not holding my breath. Stick with templates as the means of char-gen though: it was one of the major attractions for me.

  14. Awesome news. I don't have much to say about the rules, I think they worked pretty well. Advancement felt slow though, even with a generous GM.
    I support the idea of more junctures. That 30' Pulp juncture sounds really good.
    I would also propose to separate Shticks (purely combat-oriented) from Tricks (everything else), so that the non-combat shticks are more attractive (in cost) and do not slow down the acquisition of more combat shticks. If you have to choose between something like "more damage" and "never get lost", you know which one is never gonna be picked...

  15. After reading a lot of these comments, I think that a lot of people are missing some of the point of the system, at least what I got out of it. The game system as is allows you to make anything, any where, and at any time. In the Netherworld source book is specifically mentions that you can use it as a link to other times junctions if you so wish. Hell, you could even go to other dimensions if you felt the need. The limitation isn't the system, its you.
    While there could be room for some rules clarification, I was pretty happy with them over all. Additionally, I love the character creation template aspect.
    New schticks would be great, perhaps even having a contest to allow fans to submit their home brewed ideas to be added to the system would be cool.
    I'd like to see some new faction material, it seems like only a few books were published for a small selection of the factions. Or maybe I just couldn't find the other books.
    I'd also like to see backwards compatibility. Most game companies use something like this as a way to make more money by changing the way their rules systems work, and thus making their fans have to re-buy all of the books that they already had because of the rules changes in the new printing. I hope that you guys don't go that route.

  16. The things that would get me the most excited without also eliciting a groan are just some extra schticks of all kinds and some new OPTIONAL RULES, rather than a core system overhaul or major sweeping changes in how you build or wield guys. Add in your errata and your major changes and such from the last production cycle and then bolt on as much new stuff as you want, even overlapping or redundant systems, but keep them consistent with the existing core mechanics or things we can switch to/add on an individual basis, rather than a more comprehensive overhaul.

    I'd also say more specifically regarding schticks, it'd be nice if the core book TA packages were the core Chinese zodiac.

  17. Great news!

    What I'd like to see out of a new version of FS is:

    1. Update things from "1990s cool" to "2010s cool."

    1850's - needs to add a lot of steampunk and Wild West. (inspiration: Bunraku, Man With The Iron Fists, Hell On Wheels, etc.)

    Modern - needs to really be modern; uptake Japanese horror and Korean thriller feels, owe less to the 1980's and more to the 2010's. (The Shield, not Dirty Harry; The Ring, not Mr. Vampire; Yellow Sea not Bullet In The Head). And you need modern military stuff to be able to be brought in the mix for sure.

    2056 - needs to be a lot less random. Sorry guys, but there was never any decent guiding vision there (and yes, I have all the books). "Commies and apes and weird magitech?" You could capture dystopian SF/Planet of the Apes here with some work.

    Please "whitewash" the mechanics without changing them too much (as noted, you can't copyright pure mechanics and the FS resolution system is just like another 10 systems out there) so "Jose Garcia" isn't the reason we can't have nice things any more. Nostalgia for the Shadowfist card game is going to sell 10x fewer units than being able to really branch forward and make new content/new games.

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