Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal now in PDF

Magi battle Transylvania's legendary dark magic in this Ars Magica Fifth Edition supplement, now available in PDF. Mythic monsters like vampires and dragons lurk in the dense forests, but the Tribunal's politics may be even more dangerous to the magi who seek to control Transylvania's mysterious powers.

This book offers ArM5 storyguides and players new insights into House Tremere's ancestral covenant, as well as complex stories involving the intersection of heresy and heroism among the Teutonic Knights. Against the Dark is heavy with intrigue and power, but lighter than air in PDF form!


  1. Any stores in europe that sell the PDF now in combination with delivering the hardcover later?

  2. No, I'm afraid not. The PDF is just on e23 right now; we'll have it available from Paizo and IPR as well shortly.

  3. this Transilvanian story is good to know