The Ars Magica Fourth Edition Bundle of Holding that's available now is a great opportunity to pick up everything you need to try out this highly regarded and long-running RPG.

This review of the Fourth Edition by RPGnet user Number 6 tells the tale of one Storyguide's successful experience running Ars Magica for an RPG group accustomed to Dungeons & Dragons.
"I ran Ars Magica [Fourth Edition] last night. It is only the second time I have ever run the game and the first Ars [Magica] session I have participated in in about a decade. It was joyous, fun, and inspiring….
"At the end of the session, I asked if they wanted to play again at our next scheduled session. There was a unanimous and eager 'Yes!' Today I received three separate e-mails about what a good time everyone had."
Check out the ArM4 Bundle of Holding now!

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