Gloom 2.0 To Press!

I've just sent Gloom 2nd Edition to press, along with revised editions of Unhappy Homes, Unfortunate Expeditions, and Unwelcome Guests. Woot!

For all you Gloomies out there, here's a list of what you can expect to see in the new versions:

  • New packaging (telescoping box for the core set, larger footprint on the tuckboxes for the expansions by doing them as 2 half-decks side-by-side)
  • Timing icons from Cthulhu Gloom and Unquiet Dead are now incorporated throughout.
  • Rules cards and icon reminder cards are included in each set for easy reference.
  • The cardlist and effect text have been polished for a better play experience (complex cards like Body Thief and cards with delayed effects have been removed, for example).
  • Three Modifiers have been turned into Transformations in Unwelcome Guests
  • Residences and Mysteries have been reworked so that you no longer end up with unusable cards in your hand
  • All the Story icons and a few family icons have been redrawn by Todd Remick
  • Core Gloom now uses the discard rule from Cthulhu Gloom
  • Horror icons have been removed, to save them for Cthulhu Gloom
  • Death cards now have a central art piece, as per Cthulhu Gloom, and blank Story icon at top right. Characters no longer flip upon death.
  • Event cards now have a center illo and a blank icon in the top right spot, to give them the same silhouette as a Death card.
  • Guests now have reminder text in the family icon spot, as Cthulhu Gloom does.
  • Backwards compatibility is maintained
  • The beginning more clearly states the objective of the game.
  • The opening text is streamlined. It also presents the idea that you're competing to prove who has it worst... you're not simply tormenting your family, you're explaining how you've had it harder than the others.
  • Pulled out the detailed descriptions of each family for space.
  • Removed the term "Pathos Points", replacing it with "Self-Worth Points" to avoid unnecessary proliferation of game terms.
  • Mechanical changes -- timing icons, symbols on Event cards, and the new Discard rule -- have been accounted for.
  • Beyond that, it's generally streamlined in line with Cthulhu Gloom.


  1. When will the 2nd Edition hit retailers?

  2. Depending on the usual variables, it may be at your local game store as early as today! Otherwise, in the USA, I would expect to see it sometime this week. It will be at Gen Con later this week, too.

  3. Is there a reason why there's no 2nd edition for Unquiet Dead ?

  4. Two reasons...

    The first is that Unquiet Dead was actually designed with the 2nd Edition changes (such as timing icons) already included. All the expansions are designed to be forward/backward compatible, but this is even more true of Unquiet Dead since Keith already knew what he wanted to update in the new edition when he designed it. So when there's a "2nd Edition" of Unquiet Dead, it will have a new box (the same size as the other 2E expansion boxes) and new stock code/ISBN/Bar Code -- but you'll have the very same set of cards inside.

    Reason #2, however, is that we still have the original (first) printing in stock. After it's sold out, we'll reissue it in the new package.

  5. Great answer. Retailers are a bit confused about the transition. Some of them have absolutely no clue about the differences.

    All I care is about the cards so "2nd edition" cards in a 1st edition box is not a problem for me. Unquiet Dead is fine as it is for my need.

    Thank you for the prompt answer.

  6. My pleasure! Thanks for asking.

  7. What about Cthulhu Gloom and its expansion? Are there any upcoming 2E changes to it?

  8. I picked up a box yesterday and it had two sets of Deck B (based on the 1st edition list) and was missing Deck A. Taking it back to the store to see if I can get a box with all the cards instead of half twice. There are also typos in the instructions, like saying the game is 2-5 players.

  9. Hi, Anonymous—

    Sorry about your duplicate deck. We see that more often than we'd like. You can also request a replacement deck through our customer support form. ("Contact Us" in the header, click the "Click to Contact Atlas" graphic, then choose "Missing/Damaged Game Parts from the pop-up menu.)

    Gloom's a 2–5 player game if you add in one of the extra families from its various expansions. I didn't realize that had made its way into the instructions of the core game, though. Probably the designers and developers way of saying, "Go ahead and mix up to on of the extra families in and play with up to five players, but playing with six or more isn't wise no matter how many extra families you've got."

  10. To play with the core game and five players, remove one character from each family and make those four characters into a fifth extra-misfit family.

  11. Anonymous here. Roger that. I just got back from the store and they were kind enough to give me a replacement after cracking it open and making sure it had both decks. Everything is good now. Thanks for the quick response.

  12. Does Unquiet Dead have a expansion symbol on the cards like the 2nd ed. expansions do?

  13. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, the original edition of Unquiet Dead does not have a set icon. Eventually, when stock of that edition of Unquiet Dead runs out, we'll print a 2nd Edition version, which will.

  14. I just picked up the Unhappy Homes and Unfortunate Expeditions expansions, I was use to the first edition and I noticed there are 2 new story icons and I haven't been able to find any rules on them. Can someone explain them for me?

  15. There is a card included in those 2nd edition sets that explains the new timing icons. Can you describe these 2 icons, or email us a picture of the cards in question?

  16. One is a magnifying glass and the other is a dagger or knife with a ribbon behind it. I just wanted to know if there are any new rules for them that I can't find

  17. Those are Investigation and Murder icons. No new rules for them, they work just like the old story icons.

  18. do you need the first edition to buy the second? I want to invest in gloom but I cant find the initial game only second edition and wonder if this will work

    1. Nope, I found the base game as first edition but all my expansions are second.

  19. Hi, Anonymous! The first and second editions are compatible with each other in both direction, so you can (for example) play second edition core games with first edition expansions, and vice versa. Thanks!

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