A Piece of Vampiric History

About 22 years ago, our friends down at White Wolf were planning to release a new game about vampires as player characters rather than enemy monsters.  Atlas Games had been working with them as a licensee publishing Ars Magica 2nd Edition supplements (such as The Sorcerer's Slave and South of the Sun), and they invited us to publish a licensed adventure that could be sold alongside the new Vampire: The Masquerade game at Gen Con that year.

We managed to get Blood Nativity put together in time, and printed at the same Alabama plant where the V:TM core rulebook was being manufactured, so that it could be picked up and brought to the big game fair by the White Wolf crew.  As you may know, the game was a bit of success, and our little adventure booklet did so well that it had to be reprinted.

While the paper book has long been out of print, the folks at DriveThruRPG recently helped set up a licensing arrangement with Vampire's current owners to make this piece of game history available to the world once more in digital form.

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  1. This adventure runs more like a mini campaign in it's portrayal of the trials & tribulations of the PCs. There's indeed light at the end of the [Gothic-Punk] tunnel!