Gloom at Comic-Con with Geek & Sundry

Geek & Sundry has announced the return of the Geek & Sundry Lounge at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and we're really excited to say that Atlas Games and Gloom are going to be a part of it.

No schedule details yet, but we are allowed to say that they're helping us host a Gloom spotlight event with designer Keith Baker, also featuring talent from Geek & Sundry and TableTop.

You'll also be able to play with Keith — and likely some of his own special guests — at other times during the Lounge's hours of operation, too. And in addition to all of the typically depressing Gloom expansions, Keith has promised to bring along some prototypes, including his completely unpublishable Copyright Infringement Gloom.

But Gloom's not all. We're also going to be showing the forthcoming Atlas Games release Three Cheers for Master to the public for the first time at the Geek & Sundry Lounge, and we'll have their game library stocked to the rafters with other Atlas Games games that you can try for free.

Stay tuned for more details, including how you can get on the player list for the spotlight event. In the meantime, check out Geek & Sundry's video announcement:

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