Appreciation, Acknowledgement, & Action-Packing

Here at Atlas Games, we want to start by thanking every single one of you who supported, backed, shared the news, tweeted, blogged, status-updated, and play tested FENG SHUI 2 as it gathered sufficient Kickstarter chi energy to power a thousand pagodas. As a result of this combined effort, FENG SHUI 2 will be a gorgeous full-color hardcover book packed with so much awesome that, in the end, it has burst through its traditional casebound borders and beyond.

What's the upshot of gaining 3402 backers and $185,137 in pledges? Aside from the core rulebook — with a full slate of 36 archetypes, color art throughout, resilient binding, and six pop-up junctures — this campaign unlocked a GM screen that includes 15 ready-made fight locations; Blowing Up the Movies, Robin's treatment of action movie favorites with game-ready notes; the online mook generator; and Secrets of the Chi War, a bonus PDF product that includes a selection of tremendous bonus content for all FENG SHUI 2 campaigns.

You can see the full list of unlocked goals here:

Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for joining us in bringing back FENG SHUI for a new generation of Dragons! You do, in fact, have mighty kung fu.

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