Once Upon a Really Awful Time...

Even it it’s difficult to imagine a young Old Dam, slightly smaller Wellington-Smythe Twins, or Elias E. Gorr in the days when he only dug graves for goldfish, it’s not hard to imagine them all listening to fairy tales as children.

Fairy tales, after all, are kind of terrible. Young women stealing porridge, giants falling from the sky, and jealous, evil queens? What’s more perfectly suited for the world of Gloom?

Not much! That’s why the delightful but ultimately troubling stories from your childhood are the subject of the newest stand-alone edition of Gloom. It’s not like it was a stretch to borrow material from the Brothers Grimm — those guys put wolves in everything.

In Fairy Tale Gloom, the fairy tales won't stay familiar for long. But all your friends will be there: Jack, Pinocchio, Hansel, Gretel, Puss in Boots, and Little Red (remember all those wolves?) Riding Hood.

Whether you’ve always insisted that Hansel and Gretel got lost because they were Tweeting instead of paying attention, or known that Goldilocks should get busted for what was clearly breaking and entering, the magic beans are in your hands now. Are all those women called “Grandma” actually the same person? Are you finally going to cut Cinderella a break already because her origin story is such a bummer? Probably not, on both counts. But no one can know how hot or cold the porridge really is until you dig in.

Stay tuned for more information, and clear your schedule for Fairy Tale Gloom, coming May 2015.

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