Brevi Annuntiatione Ars Magicae

That translates to "A brief announcement of Ars Magica" in clumsy Latin. The grogs have been in the scriptorium again, messing around with my inks, but I am pleased to reveal that at last the digital version of AG0307 Hooks is finally available through our worthy partners Warehouse 23 and Paizo.

You may also be excited to know that AG0312 Thrice-Told Tales has hit our warehouses and our turb captain Travis is preparing it for widespread release. More news on this book soon.

Pax vobis, beati finis hebdomadis, fellow magi & companions! Peace be upon you and have a blessed end of the week.


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  3. Exciting news! The digital release of AG0307 Hooks is now available through Warehouse 23 and Paizo. The anticipation builds as AG0312 Thrice-Told Tales gets ready for widespread release. Eagerly awaiting more magical updates. Pax vobis!
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