Sylvan Master, the Feng Shui 2 app for iOS!

The Guiding Hand's ultra-zen Shaolin warriors gather on your left. The New Simian Empire's legions of cyborg ape-soldiers amass on your right. Coming up the middle is a horde of supernatural abominations led by a Lotus Eater eunuch sorcerer flying on the wings of dark magic.

This is going to take a while.

Don't let the numbers drag you down, Chi Warrior! Sylvan Master for iOS devices automates most of the mechanics of a Feng Shui 2 fight scene. You, the GM, can now focus on the descriptive details of the action and making your players shine like the badasses they are. Get it now for the low introductory price of $4.99 at any Contemporary juncture iTunes store!


  • Manage multiple campaigns and characters
  • Roll attacks for bosses, featured foes, and mooks with ease
  • Track the action using the built-in automated Feng Shui 2 shot counter
  • Stay on top of damage across all combatants with Wound Point tracking
  • Use the QR codes and hyperlinks in published adventures to take you straight to the action in the app
  • Enemy stats from the core rulebook and supplements built-in and expanded by DLC


  1. Will this eventually be available for Android?

    1. We would love to make it available as an Android app, but we do not presently have any plans to do so.

  2. The app was a big selling point for me, but I didn't realize it was iOS exclusive :(

  3. IOS only just took this game off my groups buy list. So tired of the Apple First/Only mentality, only way it will change is to protest it financially, by not supporting games and/or companies who do this.

    1. If the iOS app sells enough copies, it may be appealing to someone who knows how to develop it for Android to make the investment to do so. I'd like that, since I personally don't use any iOS devices, but have Android phone and tablet. Atlas is not itself an app developer and is not planning to become one.

  4. This is an awesome app! Is it possible to make it run for Macs? I have a Macbook air but not an iPhone or iPad.

    Really great idea and execution, you crazy cats!

  5. There's not a particularly good way to run iOS apps on a Mac, although it sounds like it is possible. (Google "iOS emulator for Mac.") We don't have any plans to make a native Mac OS app at the moment.