Feng Shui… Everywhere!

Be alert, Chi Warriors! Later this week, Feng Shui 2 and the Feng Shui 2 GM Screen: A Fistful of Fight Scenes will start to appear in retail stores. (When exactly? Our distributors who've placed orders will have both products on September 1st. When they finish their journey to your FLGS depends on who the store's distributor is, where they're located, how often they receive shipments, and so on. Want to know when your favorite store will have these two products? Pretty much every store in the country would be delighted to have you call them to ask how soon you can bring your business into their shop!)

Today, to help promote these product launches, we're making PDFs of the GM Screen — both the screen itself and the Fistful of Fight Scenes booklet — available via our online sales channels. In addition, we're sending a free PDF copy of the screen to all of our Kickstarter backers.

That's not all, of course. Veteran Chi Warriors know that nothing is as simple as it first appears. Because the FFoFS writers went above and beyond the call of duty, there was one fight scene that didn't fit in the print version of the screen's booklet. So we're making the Bazaar/Marketplace fight scene available here at the Atlas Games website as a free download. We hope you'll grab a copy.

And finally, we're delighted to make our summer convention demo scenario, Red Packet Rumble, available here as a free download. Feng Shui 2 fans can run a two-hour demo of the game for their friends or at their local hobby retailer or games club. The scenario also includes a dozen ready-to-play archetypes, reference sheets, and a shot counter!

Thanks again for your support, Atlas Games fans! We hope you enjoy Feng Shui 2!


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