Your Very Own Murder

For the past few months, DriveThruCards has been hard at work expanding their capability to produce custom, print-on-demand cards using input directly from players. We've been working with them to bring that new capability to Murder of Crows, the game where you uncover a murder most fowl.

Yesterday, the Murder of Crows card creator launched. You can use it to build your very own cards and introduce new victims (your office mates?), killers (your mother-in-law?), motives (ugly pants?), locations (your friendly local game store?), and more to Murder of Crows. There's even an entirely new blank effect card you can use to create your very own rules hacks for the game. Once you've built your new cards, you can order as many physical copies as you want, shipped directly to you at home. You can also make those cards available to others in the DriveThru community who might also be interested in them.

We'd like to see the library of community cards grow, and we're hoping you'll help. Visit the Murder of Crows card creator and show us your creativity!

Murder of Crows "Create Your Own Cards" Banner


  1. I also made one. On the way of 10.

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