Four Days Left for Maximum Mythic Magic!

The good folks at Bundle of Holding have two excellent Ars Magica deals going until Monday, March 14, at 2pm EDT.

Though the Order of Hermes frowns upon it, we've resurrected the Starter Bundle from August 2014. You get five essential Ars Magica Fifth Edition books for $14.95 — less than the cost of the core book PDF. The add-on collection to the Starter Bundle gives you another five books, including two books of scenarios to keep your magi busy for years.

The More Magic collection is a brand-new bundle. It contains three books that develop the magic system for Ars Magica Fifth Edition for only $12.95, and you can grab five books from our newer releases in the expanded bundle. These include the Mythic Middle East Tribunal book, The Cradle & The Crescent, and Hermetic Projects, a book of quests and aspirations for magi at every level of their careers.

Both bundles benefit two great charities. Doctors Without Borders does consistently heroic work in the world's most difficult crises, and Sister Cities International fosters cultural exchange between communities around the globe to promote peace and understanding.

The clock is ticking, and within four days, these bundles will vanish into the mists of time!

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