The Animals Are Taking Over!

Once Upon a Time Third Edition lets you tell fairy tales of daring knights, dazzling royal courts, and adventure on the high seas. The basic game and its expansions include a wide variety of characters to populate your creations. But there’s a popular group of heroes in folklore who are ready to take center stage…the animals!

Animal Tales is the new expansion for Once Upon a Time, and it’s filled with characters, story elements, and endings that put the furred and feathered in the spotlight. Now players can introduce a wise Owl to counsel their characters, or a tiny Bug who humbles the regal Lion. Descriptive terms like Disguised as an Animal and Man-Eating can turn any human character into a fearsome beast.

Follow the tracks to your Friendly Local Gaming Store or online retailer to add more tails to your tales!


  1. Is this expansion back from the printers and on its way to the retailers now? I've got a set on pre-order.

  2. Yes! It has been shipping to distributors this week. US distributors should receive the game on Monday, and they should then be on to the shelves of game stores within a few days.