Need To Know: Feng Shui 2 Junctures

The First Edition of Feng Shui introduced the concept of Junctures. These are fiercely contested points in time and space that have the greatest potential to change history. Chi Warriors can travel through portals in the Netherworld to the four main Junctures to join the struggle for control.

The award-winning new edition Feng Shui 2 adds a new concept: Pop-Up Junctures. These can take you to any place and time, but their portals are less stable than the established Junctures. The window may stay open for a week, or even only an hour, putting real pressure on the characters to make an impact before they must leave. For example, our Feng Shui 2 quickstart adventure Hong Kong Task Force 88, now available as a PDF, takes place in the Contemporary Juncture, but with Pop-Up Junctures, you can launch your team of top cops through a portal to fight crime in any setting imaginable.

Feng Shui 2 designer Robin D. Laws gives you even more information in this video about these portals through the Netherworld.


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