Ars Magica Bundles of Holding

Bundles of Holding are a great way to catch up on a whole RPG line at once. If you've been looking for a good time to go deep on Ars Magica, now's the time, because right now there are two active bundles available, through July 30.

Ars Magica 5 Reprise Bundle

Originally offered in 2014, this bundle includes the core rulebook and nine additional supplements that represent key offerings in the line.

Ars Magica Mythic Europe Bundle

This bundle, offered for the first time, highlights the Ars Magica's world of Mythic Europe. It includes these sourcebooks.

Both bundles expire on June 30, but if you've been waiting for a great deal on digital editions of one of the most influential fantasy magic systems in roleplaying history, we have to ask…why wait?


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