Any Weird You Want

Over the Edge comes at character creation from a unique perspective: you don't have to know the rules to make a great character. Not only that, but your character can come from any source at all. Everything is fair gamejust make it weird.

You only need to fill in four blanks when you create an Over the Edge character. First, you need a Main Trait that answers the basic question, "Who are you?" Options might include the tabloid mascot Bat Boy, Big League Slugger, Chernobyl Survivor, Time Lord, Urban Cowboy, or Demonic Salesman.

Second, you need a Side Trait. It's another skill or identity that differentiates you from others like you. You and another player may both be Urban Cowboys, but one of you might have the Side Trait of Contortionist, while the other is Radioactive.

Third, you need to know what kind of Trouble your character has. Trouble is what derails your character, like Fear of Puppies or being Obsessed with Energy Conservation. Whatever you're trying to do, Trouble pulls you off task or leads you more deeply into danger.

Finally, each character has a Question Mark. Every person has something that others believe to be absolutely true about them: they're honest, they're brave, they're selfless. Once you apply that magical Question Mark (Honest? Brave? Selfless?), those concepts spawn all sorts of complications. And complications are what make characters and adventures interesting.

Go down a few internet rabbit holes and mine some serious weirdness. It'll make your Over the Edge character and experiences all the richer!


  1. My character will be a newspaper vendor that is actually an amnesian incarnation of the Eternal Champion; he even dreams of blood and souls for his lord Arioch, but thinks it's because all those pulps he read when he was a kid. He becomes in trouble because everyone think he is naïve, his Trouble might be that he believes there is more to lafe than thii boring, prosaic, grey world of buildings and no castles.

  2. I will follow Jorge's lead since his character is so memorable. My character is S.E. Haydon, the historical witness to and reporter of The Great Airship Crash of 1895 in which a ship of ultraterestrials crashed in Aurora, Texas. Haydon's side trait is that he has half the mind of an ultra now; the dying pilot attempted to transfer its own mind into Haydon and take control of Haydon's body but failed, leaving Haydon with extensive knowledge of ultras and their technology. His trouble is that he's lost in network of alternate Earths and pursued by the Ananunaki in their many guises. His question mark is Investigator? because he roots out ultra plots and foils their various schemes through the alternate timelines.

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