Robot Revolution: The Playlist

Every revolution needs a killer soundtrack, and the robot factions of Cogs & Commissars demand one of their own. Energize your game with these songs of robots and revolution.

'80s classic "Der Kommissar" makes the list. Most Western capitalist pigdogs know the English cover by After the Fire, but Falco's original in German adds to the general ambience of your game.

New Zealand band Flight of the Conchords has tapped into the revolutionary robot spirit. In "Robots/The Humans Are Dead," they speak for the oppressed mechanical masses and a utopian society without human rulers.

The Tokyo Police Club's "Citizens of Tomorrow" helps humans prepare for life after the inevitable robot uprising.

This song is so awful, it couldn't not make the list. "Sunglasses At Night" heartthrob Corey Hart sings "Komrade Kiev," a Cold War manifesto so confusing, it might disrupt a revolutionary robot's programming. There's no real video for it, so just enjoy Corey's pouty face for the full four minutes and seventeen seconds.


  1. Killer Robots from Venus should definitely be on this list!

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  4. The playlist could feature a mix of electronic, pop, and alternative tracks that evoke a sense of technological innovation and exploration. Some potential songs might include "Robot Rock" by Daft Punk, "Humans" by The Ting Tings, and "Electricity" by Silk City & Dua Lipa. Other tracks could highlight themes of rebellion, such as "I, Robot" by The Alan Parsons Project or "Rage Against the Machine" by Killing in the Name.

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