Atlas Games is Still In

Atlas Games is proud to announce that we've become a signatory of the We Are Still In declaration, supporting climate action to meet the Paris Accord. We believe that being environmentally conscious is the sensible, cost-effective thing for a business to do, and have long tried to do our part. Read more about our past and current environmental efforts on our site's Environmental Policy page.

As part of signing the We Are Still In declaration, Atlas Games submitted a Climate Action Contribution statement that summarizes those things we already do, and also describes the new climate actions we're committed to taking.
  • We've worked to reduce climate impacts of packaging and to reduce waste.
  • We've worked to increase energy efficiency.
  • We've committed to responsible engagement in climate policy in the future. 
  • We've committed to increasing our use of renewable power in the future.
Atlas Games co-owner Michelle Nephew commented, "We Are Still In is another way that Atlas Games can step up to our responsibilities regarding climate change, and collaborate with others to have a positive impact. We're glad to be listed among the thousands of community leaders and organizations who feel the same way."


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  5. Atlas is made by Instinct Games and Grapeshot Games, an offshoot of Studio Wildcard. Both Instinct and Wildcard helped to make Ark, so you'd think they'd know a thing or two about both the design of a survival MMO.