Crime and Campaign

We've just finalized plans to have the cover of our upcoming Sacred Ground book of holy sites, which is in the vein of Seven Strongholds and Seven Cities, appear as the cover illo of Campaign Magazine #8 (March/April). The piece is the work of Steven Sanders and features the floating island called Gabriel's Aerie, hovering high above the ground with priests dedicated to the Four Winds taking to the air on fabricated wings. Also in that issue will be an article from Chris Jones' chapter on Gabriel's Aerie, which gives D20 rules for flying via these "airframes."

In other news, I'm just finishing my first read of Keith Baker's Crime & Punishment, the companion to Chris Aylott's Dynasties & Demagogues. I must say that I think this is probably Keith's best work ever ... it's loaded with crunchy bits aimed at making players into formidable bounty hunters or more cunning criminals, and has nifty stuff like forensic magic that will really add to a investigation-themed campaign. Good stuff!

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