Little Fixes

A lot of little changes all throughout the site today. More wonderfully, Dynasties & Demagogues is being proofread and should be moving on towards the printer before long. You can check out a peek of that book's rough cover by our own artmeister, Scott, in the Pipeline at the bottom of Soon, we'll also be showing off the splendid new cover for Land of Fire and Ice, our next Ars Magica title, which was painted by Thomas Denmark, soon to be of Dungeoneer fame. That book is almost on its way to the printer, or so say the whispers winding through the office.

In other news, while it's February and snowing here, it's almost summertime and sweltering in the land of forward-thinking management-types. That is, folks are already talking about Origins and GenCon. Yowzah.

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