An Atlas for the Whole World
A few routine updates to the site today, including the much-requested return of the downloadable Penumbra adventure maps for the first four Penumbra adventures. These are the Campaign Cartographer maps we used back in the day. Good stuff. Sorry for the wait on those.

Our Retailer Locator has also been updated, with entries spanning a new state (Mississippi) and three new countries (Germany, Portugal and the UK). Have you checked the Locator? There might be a store closer than you think, and it might have a copy of that book you thought was gone forever. Meanwhile, we still have a few states in the Union suffering without representation. Step up to the mic, and give us a shout out. I mean, I've been to game stores in Illinois. I know they're there.

Lastly, we actually are taking votes right now to see what little bit of Dynasties & Demagogues we'll be giving out free to the masses. Drop us a line voting for feats, personality feats, spells or a prestige class. (So far, the politician prestige class has been doing some heavy campaigning.) Next week, we'll have your free sample.

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