Operation Desert Pimp Slap

We got some fan mail today from "the Kuwaiti Desert Lunch Money Crew," headed by US Marine Corps Sgt. Burek. He writes, "As every infantry man knows, there's not much to do in the field while we wait for the order to move. So, instead of bringing regular playing cards out with us, I decided I'd bring my deck of Lunch Money. I taught a few of my friends how to play, and we've been enjoying your game every chance we get. Well, the word has spread and the game has become so popular that we can't find enough seats at the table to fit everyone.. We love your game and we'll be playing it as long as they keep us here (and after we get back to the states)."

Thanks to the whole crew who signed the letter, and included their nicknames: The Bull, Mongo, Ken, Hail King, Hammer, Juice, G-Spot, Fan Man, and Suzie. Your letter made our day. Watch your mail for a care package from us. You're in our thoughts, and we hope you come home safe and soon.

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