The Kids, They Love the Magica
The free PDF version of Ars Magica 4th Edition is going like hotcakes. Fully illustrated, downloadable and digital hotcakes. We're really delighted.

While all of that's been going on, I've been laying out Sacred Ground, the next book in our series of complete location anthologies for d20, starting with Seven Strongholds and Seven Cities. Sacred Ground has some really evocative and exciting locations from the likes of Rick Neal (Ascension of the Magdelene), Chris Jones (Occult Lore) and other great writers. Only four locations are presented in Sacred Ground, but there will be more where those came from, believe me.

Have you piloted an airframe? With Sacred Ground you can. Check out Steven Sander's glorious cover illustration in the Pipeline on the Atlas Games website and see them for yourself.

In other news, the GAMA Trade Show has concluded and John and Michelle should be back from Las Vegas and in the office sometime today. I expect they'll have some news to share about all the hubub and tomfoolery of the show. Stay tuned.

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