Out the door

Well, today we helped all the NPCs in our new Penumbra title Uncommon Character get on their rain slickers and booties and then sent them out the door. They will arrive either at the first grade, or they will arrive at the printer, I suppose. With them out the door, it should just be a matter of mere weeks before you, the reader, get a chance to meet them. By that time, they'll all be grown-up characters of many different character levels and Challenge Ratings. Some of them will turn out to be good people, and others will end up as miserable, untrustworthy scum. Many will land somewhere in the middle.

Now, only the afore-mentioned website update stands between me and the completion of Sacred Ground! As for that site update, keep your eyes peeled for some goodies from Dynasties & Demagogues, which will be appearing at the end of this month. In the meantime, John and Michelle will be in Iceland, because The Land of Fire & Ice makes it seem so wonderful. We swear, no part of that book was paid for the Icelandic Tourism Board.

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