Today it's official: Sanctuary of Ice is back on the schedule. This long-awaited sourcebook for the Tribunal of the Greater Alps has had a, shall we say, complex life history. But there's a final edited manuscript in hand, I've actually roughed out the layout, most of the artwork is already complete (and much of it paid for more than a year ago), so we are pretty confident that we can hit the new release date target of shipping to distributors in August 2003.

Here's the revised descriptive text (which will be in the proper place on our website when Will does another update):

Sanctuary of Ice

The Ars Magica Sourcebook of the Greater Alpine Tribunal

For hundreds of years the magi of the Greater Alpine Tribunal have maintained Hermetic peace. Not for them the squabbles of the border tribunals, the petty incursions, the little animosities. In the valleys of the Alps, Hermetic culture and Hermetic magi have flourished. Covenants which knew the voices of the Founders nurture ancient magi here, magi whose powers caress the edges of the possible. Only those things sanctified by time survive the harshness of the mountains. Everything here is armored with the strength of centuries.

This supplement takes familiar elements of Hermetic culture and rebuilds them, without the scrimping and compromises of life at the edge of the Hermetic lands. Redcaps and Order-endorsed hedge traditions blossom under the aegis of Hermetic justice, justice enforced by the cunning and the ruthless. Hermetic trade and intrigue weave strands of interdependence between bitter rivals, so that Wizard’s War seems a refreshingly rustic way of settling disputes. Sanctuary of Ice describes the Hermetic quest for longevity, and the magi who cheat death as ghosts. It considers the plans of the Primi of House Jerbiton and House Criamon, and the schemes of magi more faerie than human. It describes Hermetic culture at the apex - the tribunal where moonlight is woven into every stone.

Product Number: AG0267

ISBN: 1-58978-001-9

Description: 128 pages, hardcover

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 US

Author: Timothy Ferguson

Shipping to Distributors Worldwide in August 2003

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