Apes, Vikings, and (Strangely) Vikings Again
Gorilla Warfare is about to stride on its knuckles right out of the office and off to the printers. Last Hero in Scandinavia, our Rune/d20 System Coriolis title, is being pruned and prepped for its longship voyage to the bindery, too. I just got a chance to read Last Hero for the first time and I think it's everything that's good about Rune with all the new treats d20 System fans look for. Yes, this is a linear adventure campaign, and gloriously so. If you've played the video game title Rune, then you've got a pretty good idea what to expect from Last Hero: death-dealing dwarven technology, wily goblin traps, grim hordes of evil Vikings, and journeys into the bizarre realms of Scandinavian mythology. Play Last Hero as a single, big adventure (taking PCs from 2nd to 7th level) or pull out the wicked encounters Chris (Dynasties & Demagogues) Aylott has crafted to challenge even the mightiest warriors and use them here and there in your ongoing campaign.

Here's the weird thing: both of these two new books have Vikings in them. Yes, even the monkey book.

I swear it's not because we're in Minnesota.

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