Penumbra Classic Adventures Bundle

In August 2000, Atlas Games made gaming history with the release of Three Days to Kill by John Tynes, the very first Open Game License product available for sale to the public. Since then, the Penumbra line has set the standard for quality in independent D20 System products.

Now, with the Penumbra Classic Adventures Bundle, today's players are given a chance to acquire the early classics of the Penumbra line all together at a special price. The bundle includes Three Days to Kill by John Tynes, In the Belly of the Beast by Mike Mearls, The Tide of Years by Michelle Nephew, and Maiden Voyage by Chad Brouillard. This is a $38.80 total retail value, for just $19.95 -- a savings of almost 50%!

Key Features

Compatible With Your World: Penumbra adventures are designed for easy integration into existing fantasy worlds with minimal effort.

Resources Galore: Penumbra makes a point of including a healthy helping of new D20 System rules, monsters, magic items, spells, and more. We work hard to make sure Penumbra game material is innovative, balanced, and ready to insert into your game world.

Clear OGC: Penumbra products clearly delineate Open Game Content in the formatting of the sourcebook, so it’s always easy to identify rules material that you can lift for your own use.

Stock Number: AG3224 • UPC Bar Code: 7-00040-03224-4 • SRP $19.95 (US)
Description: bundle of four shrinkwrapped adventures

Available to Distributors on June 16, 2003


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