Back from Gen Con
I was happy to make it down to Indianapolis for about 48 hours on a last-minute cybersaver fare, and get a chance to check out the new location, which is very snazzy indeed. It was great to see that attendance was up, and it looks to me like Indy will be home to many successful Gen Cons to come.

Thank you to everyone who wished Michelle and I well for our sick dwarf rabbit, Beelzebub (despite the "devil bunny" name, we should note he always preferred carrots to ham). I had been staying home for most of Gen Con to care for him and administer his pain medication, as we had found out earlier this year that he had cancer and would not be with us for long. When I got back on Monday afternoon, I found that Beezle had passed away when I was in Indianapolis. While we deeply grieve the loss of our beloved pet, we are so thankful for the extra time we had to enjoy with him, say our goodbyes, and spoil him with treats and affection. We are also grateful for our many friends and colleagues who wished him well and offered us their sympathy.

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