En Route II Approved and Other Miscellany

Amidst the all the box-packing and heavy lifting yesterday (shipping out Last Hero), we also received the proofs for En Route II: By Land or By Sea from the printer. Scott and I, being the only people here, took time out from our other projects to give 'em a close look, and the book looks great! We signed off on them, so printing should be underway for the book to be completed and delivered to us sometime in mid-August or so.

Meanwhile, we're hard at work on Sanctuary of Ice (really!) and Crime and Punishment. Scott finished the maps for SOI today, which puts the ball back in my court on the final layout details and making corrections from proofreading. Also in my lap is Keith Baker's Crime and Punishment, a sort of sequel to Dynasties and Demagogues, demanding my proofreading attention. I'm especially eager to read C&P, since I was the one who outlined the concept for the book, and I had a lot of conversations with Michelle and Keith about it. (In fact, Michelle and I had a long meeting about it at Gen Con in Milwaukee last year.) I'm going to have to put in some hours this weekend, since next week will be busy again in the heavy lifting department, with the release of Gorilla Warfare...

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