Current Atlas Promotions

We have a bunch of promotions coming out right about now, so I thought a wrap-up of them might be in order:

Gaming Herald, Origins Edition — Features a write-up on Crime & Punishment in their 3.5 product list; and an ad for the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary

Gaming Frontiers #5 — In "The Wages of Sin" Keith Baker presents out-takes from Crime & Punishment, in particular six new feats called "character flaws;" Brannon Hollingsworth also gives you a look at "Into the Vortex," an out-take from En Route II.

Campaign #8 — Campaign's cover features the cover art from Sacred Ground by Steven Sanders; the magazine also includes the article "The Wind-Divers of Gabriel's Aerie" by Chris Jones, which provides rules that let your own character plunge off the edge of this flying island with an airframe strapped to his back.

Pyramid — Look for an out-take from the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary by Darren Miguez called "The Whisperer;" and a banner ad for the Bestiary, as well. Soon after, "A Nyamban Herbal" by Chris Dolunt and Chris Jones explores the magic inherent in the plants of Nyambe, as an out-take from the upcoming magic items sourcebook Ancestral Vault.

Wizards — Rumor has it that Crime & Punishment will be featured in a flier listing new 3.5 releases, which will be distributed by Wizards of the Coast® at GenCon.

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