Fading Suns in Dynasties

In a recent discussion on the OGF-d20-l mailing list, the topic came up of a couple of in-text attributions in our Dynasties and Demagogues book. We wanted to provide a clarifying note here.

The Information Network feat (p. 83) is based on the Gossip Network feat in Fading Suns D20 by Holistic Design, Inc., and the Reputation Broker feat (p. 84) is based on the Smear Campaign feat also in Fading Suns D20. Besides listing Fading Suns in the OGL's Copyright Notice (section 15) on page 2, author Chris Aylott also acknowledged these sources in the text of the book, so readers could know where the rules came from.

What we want to make clear to folks is that Fading Suns is a trademark of Holistic Design, and they have granted us permission to reference it in our text, outside of the mandatory copyright notice in the Open Game License itself. If you want to know more about where these cool rules came from, visit the Fading Suns D20 web page at http://www.holistic-design.com/FSd20/FSd20.html.

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