Ennies Nominees Announced!

Atlas Games has been nominated for several categories in the 2003 GenCon EN World D20 System Awards. These are:

Best Graphic Design & Layout -- Nyambe: African Adventures, Designer: Scott Reeves
Best Adventure -- Splintered Peace, Author: David Chart
Best Rules Supplement -- Dynasties & Demagogues, Author: Chris Aylott
Best Campaign Setting -- Nyambe: African Adventures, Author: Chris Dolunt
Best Non-Open Gaming Product -- Unknown Armies 2nd Edition, Authors: Greg Stolze and John Tynes
Best Cartography -- Sacred Ground, Cartographer: Scott Reeves

We also received honorable mention for the following:

Best Setting Supplement -- Sacred Ground, Authors: James Maliszewski, Rick Neal, and Chris Jones

Congratulations to everyone nominated, and special thanks to our own graphic designer, Scott Reeves, who is up for two separate nominations! The public voting phase will begin in a few days, so be sure to go to www.enworld.org to vote for your favorites!

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