Polyhedral Trip to Indianapolis

In the morning, it's off to Indiana City for the General's Convention, or something like that. One half of the office will be there, with one representative each from the equestrians and the plebes, from the taller half and the shorter half, and from the married half and the unmarried half. Be sure to come by the ginormous Adventure Retail, slash Steve Jackson, slash Atlas Games, slash Dork Storm Press booth to say "hello," join the Special Ops program, and comment on our swanky new maroon shirts. If there's any luck between the ten-thousand lakes and the cornfields, you may even get to pick up a fresh-from-the-presses copy of Last Hero in Scandinavia, the epic campaign that dares to take on hordes of d20 monsters using hex-maps and competitive roleplaying!

Also, keep your eyes on Nyambe: African Adventures at the show. We'll find out whether or not it wins the prestidigitatious Diana Jones award or a heartfelt ENnie. The competition this year is stiff as a drink, so we've got to keep our fingers crossed. Bring your crossed fingers to the Atlas booth and you might win a free copy of something that's free at the booth, but don't quote me on that.

We'll see you at the show!

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