All Quiet on the Office Front

Will and Michelle joined the Adventure Retail caravan to Gen Con, which departed at about 7:30 this morning, leaving Scott and me to hold down the fort.

So far it's been a pretty boring day, but with no shortage of hard work -- I'm busy packing up the plastic RPG dividers that we and almost two dozen other publishers collaborated to produce. These will be shipping later this week (along with Last Hero in Scandinavia) to a number of distributors, who will then be shipping them along to retail stores throughout the English-speaking world. Boy, those little plastic things are heavy.

Speaking of Last Hero, it's still not here. It was actually expected more than a week ago, but our printer had a major press breakdown. Apparently we're not the only game company scratching their heads wondering if there will be some books to send by express courier to Gen Con before the end of the week.

Better news is that we got a big pile of blister packs from Lance and Laser, who have done some really excellent minis to go along with The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary, as well as In the Belly of the Beast. Find the Lance & Laser booth at Gen Con to buy a whole bunch of them, if you get the chance this weekend -- who doesn't want to build an army of the froglike Amphi, now that you can?

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