Sleeping at the Train Station

We're here in Indianapolis. Our hotel happens to be in a historic train station, with white fiberglass "ghost" statues throughout the place, train cars turned into guest rooms (but not ours), and elevated train structures in the main atrium. It's really spectacular.

That's not why we're here, though, is it? GenCon is a lot different this year, but it seems like it's going to be stellar. The exhibitor's hall is not only very large, it seems to have driven manufacturers to create even larger booths themselves. Everything is still being built up here, but it's a very exciting place to be. I hope we'll see a lot of Atlas fans at the show this weekend.

I have an experimental new Unknown Armies scenario that I'm looking to run at the show, so please come by the booth and sign up for that. It only accomodates four, so hurry! I'll run it more than once if I get the chance, though.

Likewise, I'll be handling some brief Feng Shui action sequences at the Atlas booth, and a complete, short adventure if enough people sign up. Can you detect a theme here? Come and sign up to play at the Atlas booth!

Finally, I'm making it my mission to get people playing Corruption, because it teaches vital poker skills. Come by the booth and play a single round of Corruption with me and I'll give you a complimentary "thank you."

Be sure to come by here and check in for GenCon updates. Now that I've got this interthingy working, I'll do my best to keep you all informed as to what's hot in the Indy City.

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