Atlas Games Distributor Update
August 8, 2003

This Coming Week: En Route II: By Land or By Sea

We need numbers for next week's new release! This is En Route II: By Land or By Sea, sequel to the very popular original En Route collection from about two years ago. En Route books feature quick mini-adventures and encounters, perfect for dropping between longer scenarios. They've proven useful and very popular among DMs. This collection features a lot of nautical encounters, perfect to go with the many sea-oriented D20 settings, sourcebooks and adventures that are available today.

Orders for En Route II need to be in our hands by the morning of Wednesday, August 13th. We hope to ship out the books that same day.

At Press: C&P, SOI

Two books went to press this past week. First was Crime and Punishment (AG3223, $29.95), the D20 Player's sourcebook of the Law, in the Penumbra line. This is a sequel to Dynasties and Demagogues, which has been a very popular sourcebook this year. Where Dynasties focused on politics, C&P helps players run characters and campaigns based on law enforcement -- players may be bounty hunters, inquisitors, or rogues who need to know what their up against when they need to bust out of a high-magic jail. It's loaded with crunchy bits and new options that enhance existing features of the game (for example, new ways to use skills that characters may already have, to investigate crimes or track criminals).

Second is the long-awaited Sanctuary of Ice, the Ars Magica sourcebook on the Tribunal of the Greater Alps. Fans have been waiting for this for more than two years, so we expect it to do quite well.

We don't yet have estimated ship dates for these books. Our printer has indicated that they are running behind schedule in general, so we may be facing a 6-7 week production time, putting our release dates well into September.

Now Out of Print

Several titles recently ran out of print:

AG0265 The Mysteries
AG3020 The Sorcerer's Slave
AG5055 Greenwar

There are no current plans to reprint or revise these titles.

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